A different side to bold and brash

I was thinking of a way to expand my bold and brash art website and figure out how to add more content to it. That’s when I decided to create “A different side to bold and brash”. You should know by now about Squidward’s artwork which this website is a tribute to and created based on, but do you know the real meaning of bold and brash? Here’s what the internet, one of the biggest sources of information in the world has to say about it – I broken it down into different sections to get my point across the best way possible.

Definitions according Thesaurus (online dictionary)

Bold: to be brave, adventurous, dauntless or even heroic.

Brash: to be impulsive, brazen, cheeky, cocky or even rude – off an obscure origin.

Articles about bold and brash that has absolutely nothing to do with Squidward

Now that you have a better idea of the meaning behind both these words let’s have a look at some other similar, yet completely unrelated articles. I really had to dig deep to find these, none the less it helps prove my point.

Article 1: Spike Lee on his bold and brash ‘Chi-raq’: ‘Art can change the world’

  • This article, which has been featured on Windsor Star, is about a musical production / film from Spike Lee. He created the film to take on gun violence in the streets of Chicago and decided to make this film as real as it gets. There’s not much mention of bold and brash in the article itself, but from the looks of it I can see why the article was title with those very strong words.

Article 2: Seattle Seahawks are bold and brash — and Pete Carroll wouldn’t have it any other way

  • As you might have guessed it this article is all about American football where the writer describes the Seattle Seahawks (An NFL team from Seattle). You can read the article in the title link above – I don’t feel it’s necessary to expand on this in this article.

What does YouTube have to say about it?

Most of the YouTube search results are plastered with Squidward’s “Artist Unknown” episode but if you scroll down, way more down, the list of videos you’ll find listings like this one:

This clip is from a popular video game called Witcher, the main character says: “I was bold and brash once” meaning he too was reckless and heroic at the same time but learned from his mistakes. He learned to be more cautious and wise in his actions.

So there you have it, a completely different side to bold and brash. This might just be what the creators of “Artist Unknown” intended Squidward’s painting to be – adventurous and dauntless!